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May 15th, 2017

If you are an admirer of the air cooled machines of Stuttgart, then Luftgekühlt is the place you must be. Luftgekühlt 4, the fourth and latest iteration the event that has been curated to perfection by 2-time Le Mans winner Patrick Long and California-based designer Howie Idelson took place at the Port of Los Angeles on May 7, and it was an absolute air-cooled Porsche party like no one has seen before.

Luftgekühlt 2017 was vast. If you had a fascination for a particular colour of a particular model of air cooled Porsche, it was there. The superb collection of air cooled Porsche 911s from every generation, Porsche 356/A and competition cars in every shape and form were to be found at the event, either in the massive air cooled Parking outside or specially curated at the Pirelli Motorsport stage inside Warehouse No.10.

Just in case you didn’t quite feel the impact of the enormity of the sheer number of air cooled Porsches in the link above, you should check out our photos of Luftgekühlt 4 taken from a birds eye view (drone). Of course, the drone was there for a reason apart from just taking aerial photos. Our friends Merve Tekin and Mehmut documented Luftgekühlt 4 from the ground and above to bring you the stunning video that you see below.

In the video, Merve and Mehmut showcase the beautiful cars that were present in the air cooled Porsche parking as well as indoors inside the warehouse. At the same time, we did get to have small conversations with some of the biggest names in the world of air cooled Porsches; Magnus Walker of Urban Outlaw, racing drive Dirk Layer and Tanner Boyes.

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