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on January 12th, 2016

Only the makers of this Lupus Alpha would spot-on when it comes to knowing which bike is behind this ahead-of-its-time disguise. Yes! The word is ‘makers’, as there isn’t one builder but two marvels who go by the name of Walter Tosto SpA and Yards Rossopuro. Lupus Alpha, named after an Apennine wolf, denotes rather an aggressive and dominant model in a pack of wolves.

Lupus Alpha- Moto Guzzi California

A Moto Guzzi California 1400 has been under this disguise which is said to be the first to be built on this base. And because it needed first thoughts for every bit of building the bike, both the builders decided to prioritise looks with performance, and hence used quality parts made from Chrome Vanadium, Titanium.

Lupus Alpha- Moto Guzzi California

Furthermore, with parts made from materials which withstand high temperatures were used for making the brake calipers for reasons very obvious; like high temperatures, pressure and corrosion. While the part of frame was used as it was on the Moto Guzzi California, Walter Tosto built most of the components which were redesigned by craftsmanship and also in 3D for high-level technical result which included the all-aluminium fork in the front; and at the rear Ohlins monoshock did the job. In the med section, the seat was made by special Italian artisans; the conventional oil cooler right below seat area were replaced by the aluminium platform ones; for more details click here.

Lupus Alpha- Moto Guzzi California Lupus Alpha Lupus Alpha- Moto Guzzi California Lupus Alpha Lupus Alpha- Moto Guzzi California

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