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April 26th, 2016

Passion takes you to great lengths and then some more. And it is this same passion that has turned Malte Dorowski into a superstar among the online Lego Builder’s committees. His point of passion being able to create some of the most detailed Lego Porsche models made from Lego bricks.  A Digital Media Designer by profession, Dorowski, just like millions of kids in the world grew up playing and creating with Lego sets. However, he took his hobby into adulthood and instead of working on any Lego set that was available in the market, he started to combine bricks from different sets and set out to create magical Lego Porsche models with Lego Bricks.

Lego Porsche

Recreating the iconic race cars of Porsche on his own using only Lego bricks is, as you can imagine, not an easy task, and to achieve such hard work of patience and concentration Dorowski doesn’t use drawings, only the genuine article on four wheels. Such magical Lego Porsche models with Lego bricks don’t came in easy and this sort of work requires immense imagination, and Dorowski being such an inventive Lego fan wants the details of his models to be as accurate as possible. This work has brought Dorowski huge fame among the global web communities of Serious Lego Designers, however, Dorowski strictly says that his work is for relaxation only and he doesn’t want to sell the designs or construction manuals of his work.

Malte Dorowski Lego Porsche

Dorowski next big dream is to keep working towards a convertible soft top that is replicated so precisely that it can be folded and stowed away. Going further, the biggest passion that this passion has let Dorowski into is the desire to build a museum of these magical Lego Porsche models with Lego bricks that he is creating. It is his desire to the museum in such a way that he can have his models housed in a style he wants.

Lego Porsche 935 by Malte Dorowski

Tell us what you think of Malte Dorowski’s creation of these magical Lego Porsche models with Lego Bricks, models that he has build with great love and passion.

Drive Safe!  

Lego Porsche 936 by Malte Dorowski

Lego Porsche 1970 Le Mans Racer by Malte Dorowski

Lego Porsche 1970 Le Mans Racer

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