May 22nd, 2016

Does this qualify as a BMW Art Car is still up for discussion, since BMW is yet to call it one, however the BMW i8 Futurismo Edition you see here is simply breathtaking to look at and is a result of a collaboration of BMW Italia with Garage Italia Customs, and has been revealed to the world this week only. Sure to grab more than a handful of eyeballs wherever it goes, this BMW i8 Futurismo Edition is essentially a crystal white BMW i8 which has been wrapped up in a collection of psychedelic colours. No doubt that this art looks fetching on this futuristic BMW as you can see in these pictures here.

BMW i8 Futurismo Edition Side View

To top that, BMW has just released a video that showcases how this stunning BMW i8 Futurism Edition came into being and let us tell this to you, it is worth a watch several times. Created after a tedious and a high concentration process, this BMW i8 Futurismo Edition needed various pieces to be put together of the print since printing and pasting from a single cut-out could not be done for this special project. In fact, for this creation, these different prints had to be stitched together with millimetre perfection to end with the car you see here. The basic art on this BMW i8 Futurismo Edition being a recreation of the famous painting by the famous Italian artist Giacomo Balla and it is known as “Lampada ad Arco”, the real painting is on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Designers took inspiration for this BMW i8 Futurismo Edition from the mentioned painting since the painting sets a perfect premise for the i8 itself, as it portrays a street lamp powered by electricity under moon light.

A part of celebrations that are meant for the BMW’s 50th year in Italy and the car will participate at the ongoing Mille Miglia of 2016. For more 2016 Mille Miglia updates, you can visit here and here. Watch the video of the making of this stunning BMW i8 Futurismo Edition and let us know if you like it or not.

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