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October 30th, 2015

Tight spaces are a concern when induced with objects like cycles that take up an entire corner of the house. Thankfully Chol1 has got some unique furniture solutions to get around the problem.

The Chile-based company designs and manufactures some unique pieces of furniture which fits bikes directly into them, saving lots of space while also bringing in more room for storage. Their wooden furniture pieces range from a couch to a desk and from stools to tables, each with a unique feature of housing a bike in them.

Chol1 Indoor Bike Stand S1LON

This not only makes less awkward to store the bike in the house, but it could also lead to some amazing conversation about adventure and sports when your mates are in for a supper or just to watch the game. All of Chol1’s furniture systems can accomodate almost any bike model via two (in some cases one) holding cavities in which the wheels get placed.

This certainly is better than trying to tuck the bike behind a door or keep it lying around in some dusty corner of the house. But keep in mind, if you want something to be put up as a display piece, it better be nice, shiny and clean.

Via: Selectism

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