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May 24th, 2017

What does the world’s youngest MotoGP champion have in common with Superheroes? No, it’s not a cape even though he looks like he’s flying through corners, it’s a graphic novel. Marc Marquez has a graphic novel on his life, aptly titled MARC MÁRQUEZ: THE STORY OF A DREAM. Aimed at inspiring the next generation of riders to follow in his footsteps, The Story of A Dream is an official graphic novel on the life of the Repsol Honda rider and triple MotoGP World Champion published by Spanish company know as Norma Editorial.

Marc Marquez comic - The Story of a Dream

The graphic novel has been designed for all ages, it contains several details of the life of the champ on and off the track. From the childhood values instilled him to his first petrol powered bike has was gifted for Christmas when he was four-years-old. It focuses on a lot of lesser known facts and unpublished information about the young rider. The most influential chapters and the early days of his racing career.

The crashes, the injuries, the victories, the struggles, the ups and downs and the record breaking achievements at such a young age. The Story Of A Dream details everything from his vision problems to the shoulder injuries, all of the important things in Marc Marquez’s life till date that have brought the rider to the position that he is in today. The book also details his relationship with Repsol Honda and his team, his family, their support and love, and several different chapters that go in details about his childhood and the hard work and dedication that made the Spanish rider who he is today.

The graphic novel also contains a foreword from his grandfather, Ramón Márquez , a special feature on his bikes and the results and records of races till 2016. A true story of passion and dedication that pushes the limits, for hero that will be icon that changed the face of motorcycling.


Marc Marquez comic - The Story of a dream 4 Marc Marquez comic - The Story of a dream 3 Marc Marquez comic - The Story of a dream

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