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June 7th, 2016

McLaren has just unveiled its rivals for the likes of 911 Turbo in the form of the McLaren 570S and becomes one of the most accessible McLaren sports car in the market. The car belongs to the McLaren Sports Series that also consists of the 570GT and as per McLaren, there will be a full-fledged race car based on the 570S as well and will receive a number of limited-edition models throughout its life-cycle. Among these expected limited edition specials, one has already arrived in the form of this stunning McLaren 570S M2B Edition that you see in these pictures here.

If you have been following Formula 1 since long then you would remember the significance of the M2B nameplate by McLaren and if you have come to love the pinnacle of motorsports only lately, then we would like to tell you that the M2B nameplate holds a particular significance for McLaren. Back in 1966 at the Monaco Gran Prix, McLaren came to Formula 1 with the M2B and this single-seater was the first ever Formula 1 race car built by the company’s founder Bruce. At that time, the McLaren M2B was the most advanced racer in the paddock and laid the foundation of McLaren’s success in the sport.


It has been 50 years since then and in order to pay tribute to its first ever Formula 1 car, McLaren has created this gorgeous tribute to the original in the form of McLaren 570S M2B Edition that looks back to the old hero wearing a special paint scheme that is a combination of pure white with a central green stripe and silver edging, thereby mimicking the colours of the original M2B. Beyond that, this McLaren 570S M2B Edition remains stock in all other parameters. Saying that, the McLaren 570S M2B Edition Sports Series car is powered by a 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 engine which is capable of producing an incredible 562bhp and a staggering 600Nm of peak torque. These figures mean that the car takes a mere 3.2 seconds to hit 0-100kmph and continue up to a top speed of 328kmph.

Being a McLaren, this McLaren 570S M2B Edition is equipped with technological wizardry like Brake Steer technology along with carbon ceramic brakes and the carbon fibre MonoCell II, Furthermore, McLaren 570S M2B Edition also has a double-wishbone suspension with adjustable dampers on all four corners. The usual driving modes are also present on this McLaren 570S M2B Edition t the touch of a button, three in this case: Normal, Sport and Track, making sure that McLaren 570S M2B Edition makes you all comfortable in daily commute and a sheer drama when you hit the track.

Source: McLaren

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