July 25th, 2017

Its pure automotive magic when British engineering joins hands with German precision, the obvious example of which is the legendary McLaren F1 GTR. The BMW S70 V12 engine powering the McLaren F1 GTR is nothing short of matchmaking made in automotive heaven.

The following example is one such apparent rare collaboration between Woking and Bavaria to produce a legendary touring car that would go on to display its brilliance across touring car championships in Europe. The BMW E36 was the successor to the incredibly successful E30 M3. The below E36 BMW 320 Super Tourer was built by McLaren, according to Silverstone Auction, where the car is currently up for auction and used as a spare car by Schnitzer in the 1997/98 season. The car participated in the Italian Super Touring Championship for the 1999 season where the McLaren BMW 320 E36 was driven by Fabizio De Simone.

Known as the CiBiEmme car among fans, the McLaren BMW 320 E36‘s pedigree of British and German roots was only exceeded by its performance on track, it won 2 races and bagged 8 podiums in that season. The BMW 320’s successful 1999 season saw it being raced in the European Super Touring Cup, piloted by Stefano Gabellini.  The car was then raced in the Hungarian Touring Car Championship, which it won hands down.

The BMW 320 E36 then went into a long sabbatical for almost a decade, after which it was brought back to the UK in 2013. The car resumed its racing duties in 2014 HSCC Super Touring Car Championship only after a brief shakedown in Donington Park. The car was returned to its original specification and sported its original CiBiEmme Castrol livery. It has been returned to showroom quality of restoration, ready to dawn the halls of racing glory or be put into its next racing assignment, this British-German engineered BMW 320 E36 racer is sure to oblige.


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