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July 3rd, 2017

Motorsports enthusiasts have always been at a disadvantage when compared to other sports with the cost of equipment being astronomical. Motorsport equipment cost can make a golf kit seem as expensive as lunch money ! This has erected a rather high barrier which has been preventing skilful enthusiasts from participating in the sport.

Well the good news is car gods have been listening to enthusiasts and have presented us with sim racing titles. And I am glad to say that no other form of sport has been able to realistically mimic the actions required in the real game to the simulation world how motorsport simulation games such as Gran Turismo, Forza, iRacing, Project Cars and Asseto Coarsa have been able to create.

McLaren World's Fastest Gamer- Sim Racing

These days, the simulation world has been able to precisely replicate every bump and banking on the track, also the varying grip levels on different parts of the asphalt. The level of skill required to master sim racing has become comparable to racing a real car. This means that the sim racing championships have become more and more competitive, to an extent where events such as the Vegas eRace in Jan 2017, which saw professional Formula E racers compete against sim racers for a grand prize of $200,000 for the winner.

Formula 1 has finally taken notice of the rising realism in sim racing and McLaren will be leading the way in launching a competition to find the fastest sim racer in the world and put him under contract for a year as the team’s Formula 1 simulation driver. World’s Fastest Gamer will put the top sim racers around the world for a spot in the finals held in the surreal Mclaren Technology Center (MTC) in Woking England.

McLaren World's Fastest Gamer- Sim Racing

The total participants for the final event will be 10, off which 6 are predetermined by McLaren, the rest of the 4 spots will be decided by 4 events across platforms such as PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and smartphone. The first 2 events have been announced, the first of which will be the Xbox one event featuring Forza Motorsport 6, where the participants will do a qualifying time trial for 30 minutes, top 20 of which will participate in races over the next 5 weeks. Driver with the most race wins from the 5 races will secure a spot in the final 10.

Another similar event will be held on PC with the rFactor 2 simulator and yet to be announced PS4 and smartphone event. The McLaren World’s Fastest Gamer start as early as 11th of July 2017. The top 10 will be put through a grilling set of interviews, simulation racing, physical fitness and general media presentability in the MTC. This is an absolute cracker of a deal for that very skilled and lucky individual to be under contract for a year with the McLaren F1 team.

For more details, head over to the McLaren website. Images ©McLaren

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