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January 4th, 2019

The original G-Wagon was created more for the purpose of being an off-road war machine that would straddle the sands of Middle East, but it got resurrected to civilian duties quicker than Trump could say ‘beautiful’ back-to-back in the same sentence. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it gave the world one of the most timeless machines that has built its legacy over the last four decades. And while the current generation G-Wagon is given all kinds of modern creature comforts, and even a overpowering engine, the charm of the original isn’t ready go away anytime soon. In fact, in today’s world where restomods come in all shapes and forms, this American company is re-imagining the legendary Gelandewagen like no one has done before.

Expedition Motor Company specializes in restoring the old Mercedes-Benz Wolf, tailoring it to customer specification with more than 1000 hours of painstaking man hours behind each build. Their restomods are turn-key, and are build to exact customer specifications ground up, while the engine, gearbox and under body is thoroughly restored to brand new spec so that the iconic vehicle can be used as one of the coolest daily drivers that can be seen on today’s roads. Head over to their website to know more.

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