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October 17th, 2019

Koenig Specials specialised in modifying the flagship models of the topmost European brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW and Jaguar. However, as you’d imagine, the prices after conversion were anything but cheap; In 1986, a brand new BMW M3 (E30) would cost 50.000DM (Deutsche Marks), meanwhile the Koenig Specials model would start from 600.000DM (Mercedes) to 1.000.000DM (Ferrari). But what you got for your money was in fact, a race car for open roads. For founder Willy Koenig it was usual to increase this Koenig Specials power by adding turbos or upgrading the engine with racing components.

While Koenig Specials were barely known outside the petrolhead enthusiasts, there were a few notable personalities who owned them during their hay day. Mike Tyson famously owned a Koenig Specials wide body Ferrari Testarossa that developed 1000hp (remember this is back in 1991), whole Slyvester Stallone had with him a Koenig Specials Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC.

This 1978 Mercedes-Benz SL500 (R107) Koenig Specials has a full Remus competition exhaust system but the final muffler was taken out because TUV Spanish regulations (flames are not allowed). The car has the full Koenig Special aesthetic conversion including their signature double rear wing, Testarossa-style side slats and full leather Recaro sports seats, original Victor wooden steering wheel and more.

The car is totally original with just 28,000kms on the odometer. It comes complete with a green/gold hard top that matches perfectly with the wide BBS competition wheels that are shod with gigantic 345/35/15 section Pirelli PZero Assimetric tyres. While it is not certain about how many R107 SL500 Koenig Specials where built, there is certainty that there won’t be many, specially in this well-preserved condition with original stickers and paint.

This car is now for sale at SuperGarage (Puerto Banús-Málaga-Spain) In fully running condition.

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