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January 12th, 2017

We are all familiar with Hotwheels as a toy car brand that served the purpose of bringing joys on various occasions like birthdays and Christmas. I have so many memories with these toy cars that I clearly remember carrying few in my school backpack. The journey then continued to grow to college rucksacks and is currently trailing in my office essentials as well. Little did I know that someone else had the same ideology of collecting Hotwheels. Make way for Bruce Pascal who owns more than 3500 Hotwheels toy cars that are worth over a million dollars.

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Bruce has been collecting Hotwheels when he was 7-years old, the first one was gifted by his parents. In his collection includes 175 rare prototypes which Mattel hasn’t released it to the public. The collection is so exotic that it contains one of the rarest Hotwheels toy cars ever created – a Pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb Rear-Loader. This Beach Bomb was created for girls who had a fascination for toy cars, although the striking pink colour with surfboards didn’t somehow grab the attention. This car alone is worth $150,000, and Bruce has it stored in a special velvet finished box.

Bruce’s office is architected with Hotwheels toy cars and tracks in all directions, something that you would not find in Mattel’s office either. With such a large collection, Bruce plans to open a museum where he can talk about the history and culture of the Hotwheels toy cars he has collected. This precious collection certainly deserves a special place; here is a video to show you his dedication.

Video source – YouTube

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