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November 23rd, 2016

A million miles might not be such a significant number when it comes to astronomical bodies but when it comes to cars, that same number is a gargantuan distance that hardly many cars see. Yet here’s one particular Porsche 356 thats survived for more than 50-years on the roads to complete an astounding 1 million miles (1,610,000km) on its odometer. To get things into perspective, the distance between Earth and Moon is about 238,855 miles (384,400km), which means that the Porsche 356 has almost done two round trips to the Moon which is just incredible to even think of.

Owned by Guy Newark, the classic Porsche was received by him as a graduation present by his father more than 50-years ago. The car since has been Newark’s (who is now 72) daily driver through the years and it doesn’t seem that he is about to stop driving it anytime soon. While Petrolicious had filmed a video on Newark’s incredible Porsche 356, later on Porsche decided to congratulate the man themselves by creating a video that shared his story with the world. Here are both the videos.

Guy Newark and his Porsche 356 by Porsche:

The million-mile Porsche by Petrolicious:

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