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May 19th, 2017

In an age where we maximise the utility on everything we buy, it comes as no surprise that there are multiple uses for things we own. The best example has to be the smartphone – it has replaced our iPod, cameras and probably even laptops. Similarly, maximising utility and fun has been the underlying theme of MINI. Right from the first MINI which was launched in the 60’s. It promised transportation, comfort, style and enthusing performance in a surprisingly condensed package.
Mini Countryman

The concept stuck like rubber on glue and the MINI has gone to become a style icon of today with its trademark characteristics. The Countryman from MINI is what you would call the MINI SUV. The car is meant to further expand the application of the Mini Countryman from restricting asphalt driving to tackling the country roads over the weekend.

Mini Autohome 1

Autohome which has been building roof tents for various off-road vehicles has decided to join in on expanding the MINI Countryman experience. The Italian specialists have launched the AirTop roof tent that perfectly fits the roof of the MINI Countryman. The attention to styling and details has been kept at the forefront just as much the functionality. The rooftop is available in either black or white, staying true to the colours of the iconic mini roof and the matching door mirrors.

Mini Autohome 2

The roof tents mount securely to the roof rails that are sold as an original accessory by MINI. When the tent is closed, it blends in well with the MINI’s design, it’s aerodynamic shape and fiberglass construction provides minimum intrusion to aerodynamics and keeps its weight low. Opening the tent requires releasing of the safety clasps in the front and on the rear. It spring to shape with the help of four gas pressure springs. The interiors of the tent include various pockets to store your belongings, it comes with zipper door and windows equipped with mosquito nets and also an led light to light the interiors. The tent is also noise and heat insulated making it usable whenever needed, be it the scorching heat of the 12 o’clock sun or on a chilly moonlit night.Mini Autohome 3

The MINI Countryman is more than capable of lugging along a caravan with its powerful engine and all-wheel drive. But that would be detrimental to the philosophy that MINI stands for and the driving pleasure one gets sitting behind the steering wheel of the MINI. That’s where the rooftop from Autohome gifts the MINI solid versatility which can transform it into a runaway vacation at will.

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