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November 9th, 2016

Mini Doing The Nurburgring On Two Wheels Is Absolutely Bonkers

When you hear about someone driving a car on two wheels, the first thing that comes to mind is that the crazy Arabs are at it again. After all in the last decade the internet has been filled with videos of crazy men in the Middle East trying to unbalance their cars on purpose to get them to tip over and then drive on two weeks on public roads. Yes, these are outright pure crazy acts of stupidity that should not be performed on any public road or around crowds (Mustang owners please refrain too). But when done under controlled circumstances, its an impressive dare to view.

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This time, Chinese stunt driver Han Yue decided to take the challenge up a notch and that too in a professional, closed course. Han Yue recently successfully drove a Mini sideways, on two wheels for one full lap around the 21km Nurburgring. Thats an incredible feat and the world’s most boring Nurburgring video at the same time. But if you insist, you can watch the 45-minute long footage of the same happening for the sake of physics.

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