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Xavier Soquet


May 27th, 2019

Another edition of the Grand Prix de Monaco has gone by for the race that blew out its 90th birthday candle this weekend. In mourning after legend Niki Lauda passed away on Monday, Formula 1 honoured his memory throughout the weekend to end with a race which captivated us from start to finish. Lewis Hamilton won this race for the third time in his career, he dedicated his win to the late Austrian driver.

The classic and prestigious race that is Monaco Grand Prix offered motorsport fans and amazing session, who’ve been waiting for a long time to see a battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Finally that happened! In trouble with tires during most part of the Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton managed to keep Verstappen behind him with his epic driving, but also to the particular layout of the track which makes overtaking specially difficult. In the penultimate lap, the Dutchman tried to overtake the British driver for the win at Nouvelle Chicane but made contact. In any case, Verstappen probably wouldn’t have won the race as he got a 5-second penalty for unsafe release in the pits. To win, he would have had to manage an overtake on Hamilton a few laps before the end and extend his lead to more than five seconds. In the end, Verstappen crossed the line in second position without taking further risks in the final lap and ended up finishing 4th after his penalty.

Now after the Monaco Grand Prix the updated points stand were Lewis Hamilton extends his lead from Valtteri Bottas to 17 points, Sebastian Vettel is in third place with 82 points. On the constructor standings side, Mercedes has 257 points, then Ferrari has 139 points in front of Red Bull with 110 points.

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