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September 12th, 2018

Possibly the best way to enjoy a sub-selection of the cars from the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is to make your way down to a good spot on the Pacific Coast Highway on Thursday of Car Week. You get the chance to see these works of art in motion, elegantly gliding down the road as the creators intended. The best Part of it, it free!

This year, I posted myself at a few spots along the route which winds along the coast. I also had an unfortunate incident where I lost half of the shots from the tour this year, apologies to you avid viewers. It’s an exciting event to view, there is the waiting period where you scrabble for the right position and wait for the first cars to come along, usually preceded by a Police motorbike escort. The wave after wave of incredible cars rolls past you in the perfect setting.

Cars who join this event get a special consideration when they are judged on the Sunday. The participation allows any car that ends as a tie breaker to be given a preferential nudge over cars that didn’t. When changing my spots during the Tour, it is painfully apparent that this is not necessarily a straight forward task for these special vehicles, you always end up seeing a car or two on the side of the road working through a glitch.

Once the cars finish the 30 or so mile route, they all convene on Carmel for a mini show. Unfortunately this overlaps with my schedule, I had to get to Weathertech Laguna Seca to bring you all photo essay of the cars there!


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