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March 21st, 2016

Like each year, the world’s premiere racing league is back in action for 2016. This year, the reigning champion Jorge Lorenzo will be defending his title against some serious competition from the most elite pack of riders on the grid. While the format of racing and the number of races remain the same, at the core a lot has changed which will make the 2016 MotoGP season a compelling watch.

New Tyre Supplier

MotoGP 2016 Michelin Tyres

Tyres mean everything when racing at speeds in excess of 200mph. For 2016, Michelin is the new tyre supplier for MotoGP that replaces the long run of Bridgestone. While the later had gathered data over the years about how to make their tyres better and more apt for the extreme conditions that they are put to, Michelin will be starting from scratch unlearning what they learned from back in 2008 and understand these heavily changed 2016 200+bhp machines all over again. This could bring in a constant air of uncertainty around the performance of the new tyres, as riders test their limits while Michelin constantly works on improving them throughout the season.

Unified Electronics Package

MotoGP 2016 Ducati With Unified Electronics Package

This year, FIM the governing body for motorcycle racing has issued a provision which brings in a new electronics made by Magneti Marelli that will be same for all the teams. This step has been taken to ensure that all the racing machines are equally con petition in their performance, allowing each team an equal opportunity regardless of their cash banks. These would not only bring more equality to the competition across the board, but would put more emphasis on the individual rider and his still set making the sport more interesting to watch.

The Tiff Continues

MotoGP 2016 Rossi Marquez Lorenzo Rivalry

For anyone who followed last year’s MotoGP season will be well-versed of the competition that turned the top cream of riders into the fiercest of rivals, ending the season in the most controversial way we have ever seen. And with the opening of the 2016 season in Qatar, that rivalry is back, and even stronger. While they might appear all calm and composed on top, there is something bubbling up underneath between riders Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. And this is just the start of the season with 23 more races to come, making it certain that lot more drama awaits as events unfold.

Race Of Champions

2016 MotoGP Best Shot Of Riders

There might not be a better time that the 2016 season to see the best of the best in action. Out of the 21 riders that stand on the grid for the season, 10 are world champions with a total of 27 Grand Prix titles between them. That says a lot about the quality of riders on the grid that the 2016 MotoGP season has to showcase with each competing the their best abilities for the title.

The Young Guns

MotoGP 2016 Maverick Vinales

With the playing field considerably levelled with the new electronics and unproven tyre technology, there isn’t a better time for young riders to prove their metal. Youngsters such as Alex Rins who have joined this year from the smaller Moto2 class will have their own pack of competitors in the form of other riders who have joined premiere class racing in the last couple of years, such as Maverick Viñales.

Images © Dorna Sports / MotoGP

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