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September 27th, 2016

MotoGP 2017 Provisional Calendar is Déjà vu of 2016

With the just concluded MotoGP round at Aragon we have reached to the final four rounds of the 2016 season. 2016 has been full of thrills and spectacular moments; in fact, this has been the most electrifying season in years. Now with the next season inching ever closer, the MotoGP 2017 provisional calendar arrived just before the Aragon round. Looking at it, we can certainly say that it is a Déjà vu of the 2016 calendar. However, looking closely, there are a few but important differences between this year’s and the 2017’s calendar. The most important being the decrease in the number of back-to-back races. This is something the teams will highly appreciate since logistically 2017 will be much easier.

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The provisional 2017 MotoGP season will kick off, like always at Qatar is the stunning night race. The opening round has been scheduled for March 26th, 2017 and it takes place on the same day as the F1 season opener, however, both races will be held in different time-zones, thus would complement each other. Moving further, like we said, the rounds follow the same listings as in 2016. Thus, Argentina arrives as the second race followed up by Austin. The first change in the calendar arrives in the form of a two-week gap between the two rounds. This year, the Argentina and the COTA race were back-to-back ones and turned out to be a logistic nightmare. Once again, the first European round of the season will be at Jerez on May 7th followed by the familiar sequence.

MotoGP 2017 provisional calendar

After Jerez Le Mans, Mugello, Barcelona, Assen, and the Sachsenring will arrive in their usual places. This time around, Mugello and Barcelona races are back-to-back ones. The European leg will be divided by the summer break as usual followed by the Sachsenring round. This time around, however, the summer break is shorter with only a two-week gap. However, there is another two-week gap between Sachsenring and Brno to help riders and teams catch some breath. The other changes for MotoGP 2017 provisional calendar being Central European rounds of Brno and Austria swapping places. This might have been done to accommodate both Brno and Austria their fair share of spectators. Further, Silverstone arrives after Austria, once again hosting the race for Circuit of Wales, thus we are certain riders will again complain about the bumps the track has and still no one would listen to them.

Misano follows Silverstone, after a two-week gap. Then again a two-week gap brings up Aragon. The Flyaways arrive after a three-week gap from Aragon round with of Motegi, Phillip Island and Sepang. The final race of the 2017 season will arrive at Valencia, two weeks after the Sepang round on November 12th. It is to be noted that the 2017 MotoGP calendar is still pretty much under provisional status. A lot will depend on the release of the final F1 calendar for 2017. However, we would like to see F1 following MotoGP this time around. MotoGP is fast becoming a bigger sport than F1 and its high time F1 calendar makes necessary changes to it instead of the other way round.

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MotoGP 2017 provisional calendar

The sad part of the MotoGP 2017 provisional calendar is the absence of new track additions. Though, talks with Thailand continue, Dorna is not in favour of dropping the WSBK for MotoGP, which Thailand wants. Indonesia, on the other hand continues to disappoint with its internal politics and corruption that makes the Sentul renovation a distant dream. Sadly, the new track in Indonesia, Palembang is far from being confirmed either. As for the Indian market, it depends vastly on the government and its take on motorsports. With a great facility already established, India can hold a MotoGP and WSBK race on infrastructural front. However, the inherent corruption and lack of clarity that hurt the Indian F1 race still looms big time over any Dorna decision. Among other venues probable for the races are Finland and Kazakhstan, but things are still far away from confirmation.

You can find the complete MotoGP 2017 provisional calendar below. Do tell us which races you would like to visit in 2017 in the comments below. However, we suggest that you refrain from making bookings as of now, there might still be changes coming.

Moto GP 2017 Provisional Calendar

Images Courtesy: MotoGP.com

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