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Harleys are everyone’s favourites when it comes to customising, and today India is one of the newest markets that has been bitten by the fad. There are builders in every part of the country who are trying to show their fine custom building skills to the world.

Backed up by events such as Rider Mania and India Bike Week (IBW) which happen every year, now these Indian bike builders too get a platform to showcase their designs. And with the third IBW about the happens in February next year, top bike builders like Motomiu, Rajputana Customs, Autologue Design and Bombay Motor Works and many more are all lining up their custom built machines to be displayed at the event, which also serves as an Annual gathering of Harley Davidson enthusiasts from all around the country.

Harley Davidon Street 750 based Motomiu Katanga front right three quarters

The custom Katanga tries to retain as less as possible from the original bike

The Motomiu Katanga departs showing no signs of its base machine, the Harley Davidson Street 750. The Katanga sit higher than the stock bike, increased in height by 19.05 mm. The tank design is retained from the original bike but rear end has been shortened and sports a sharper design. It gets a very sporty dual-tone red and black paint finish too. At the front, the stock forks have been thrown away to be replaced by beefier upside down Showa forks and the rake angle has been reduced by three degrees to give the bike a sportier handling character.

The front wheels too have been upgraded to 19-inch from the stock 17-inch ones and the rear now sports a wider tyre. The front brakes have been upgrade to dual-discs instead of the single-sided ones found on the stock bike and the exhaust has been revamped to straight pipes that would be quite a bit louder that the original, giving the 750 a much desired character boost.

Harley Davidon Street 750 based Motomiu Katanga Headlight and tank closeup

The front forks have been replaced for more beefier Showas

The list doesn’t end there. The handlebars are now four-way adjustable clip-ons that bear inverted wing mirrors and fork braces have been added to the front forks. Also, there are fully adjustable rearsets that have been manufactured in house from the highest grade T6 aluminium billet and a round headlamp that comprises of all LEDs.

By doing all the mods Motomiu has been able to not only make a tasty looking bike, but has also shaved off 20 kg from the stock 206 kg machine, making a point that custom bikes aren’t always only about the looks, and if thought through they can offer some killer performance too.

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