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February 11th, 2016

BMW R80 has been doing a lot of rounds in and around the builders’ workshop worldwide like a kid around a hot cupcake. It is considered as one of best motorcycles in custom motorcycle scene to accomplish dreams of many individuals, be it in a form of Cafe Racer, Tracker, Bobber or even a Scrambler. BMW R80 is one of those motorcycles which help grasp that essence to merge it into a new personality very well. And that is exactly what Pierluigi Portolano thinks when it comes to this Motorecyclos BMW R80, he calls it the ‘Boxer Country.’

The Motorecyclos BMW R80 which runs a German air-cooled engine was stripped to inspect, rebuild and replace every component. Meanwhile, the frame was sanded and left like that only at some places for a unique look. The center of gravity of the bike was lowered and the rider’s position was pushed forward by giving a hooped rear seat support at the rear. While the replacement BMW R70 fuel tank made the mid-section a little unique by its Abarth paint scheme, a standard pair of Bing carbs was incorporated to exhale air into the rebuilt horizontally opposed boxer twin 797cc engine. The rubbers you see are from Continental’s Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Tyres. For the exhaust, Motorecyclos have brought in their own expertise to heat warp the standard pipes and then install a in-house GP-style muffler with removable baffles.

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Image Source – Moto Recyclos

Source: Pipeburn

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