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February 17th, 2015

By now its clear that the MV Agusta F4 RC is coming, and its freakishly expensive. At €36,900 ($44,000) it costs some serious amount of money, even by Italian standards. That made us think, would the F4 RC would be a maddening motorcycle as it should be ?, or would it be another overpriced (but beautifully crafted) Italian machine. After going through the leaked specs, our decision quickly turned towards the first theory, it will be proper mad !

You see, racing is a beautiful thing. It gives grown men (and growing ones too) toys that are menacingly fast, using them as weapons to battle it out for the ultimate victory. While the machines are only part of the entire equation, its what the reason racing has always been for … to showcase which machine is better, and it helps for better technology to flow out as a final product. Another thing good about racing, specially the WSBK championship is that the manufacturers have to homologate the bike they are going to race for road use and put it into series production, and that is what puts big smiles on the rest of the world. It means that simpletons, people who have nothing to do with professional racing, can also enjoy these machines at their own will, on normal roads and on tracks. The F4 RC is one such machine, which will be launched soon to blow the top off any bike enthusiast.

The F4 RC will use the same engine as the WSBK bike, which would be a V4 Engine, and would be running the same piston adjustments and injection system as the championship machine as well. As a result, the machine would return a peak power output of 212 bhp. While that might not sound so much when one considers the other bikes of 2015, like the Yamaha R1 or the Kawasaki H2, but all the difference comes when the weight is put into the equation. The F4 RC, thanks to extensive carbon fibre used on its body, combined with other lightweight components would weigh just 175 kgs ! That gives the machine a monstrous power-to-weight ratio of 1211 bhp per ton !

Do you know what 1211 bhp/ton feels like ? Neither do we, but we are eager to find out …

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