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April 5th, 2017

I’m fairly new to overlanding. I’ve only had my 1996 Land Rover Discovery for a couple of years now, but really started getting involved into overland last summer. Its a part of my effort to ensure that from now on, I try to make a weekend getaway at least once or twice a month, when the weather is decent. Utah is definitely the furthest I’ve ventured yet! But 2017 sure is looking up to be an year of possibilities.

This trip was something that a few friends and I have been talking about doing for the last couple of years. We finally set a date last winter and each of us booked a week off work. We are all from Ontario, Canada (roughly Toronto area) and spent the winter preparing our vehicles for the 3000km journey each way. My trusty Land Rover Discovery Series I was in company of a friend’s Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Land Rover Discovery

We ended up doing the 30-hour drive essentially straight, stopping just for fuel and snacks along the way with my Land Rover Discovery. Driving through the night was absolutely worth it to spend more time in the canyons. Once we arrived in Moab, we set up camp in the Sand Flats and took a couple of days to explore the area. A couple of the local highlights that you’ll see in the pictures are the arches and Hell’s Revenge off road trail in the sand flats.

The rest of the week was spent in Canyonlands National Park. We drove about 50-miles of the White Rim Trail, eventually taking us to the top of Murphy’s Hogback to our campsite (where my night shot was taken). The final two days were spent driving through Elephant Hill and into the Needles District. The real finale to our trip was camping underneath the stars in Devil’s Kitchen and then setting out for an early hike into Chesler Park. The drive back north started with some very technical switchbacks exiting Elephant Hill. We made a stop in Colorado for some much needed rest but made the remainder of the trip home in one go.

Overall it was an amazing trip. Spectacular views and by far the best camping I’ve done to date and what’s even better, it was with my Land Rover Discovery. I’m still pleasantly surprised by how capable my little Discovery was off road. It was also dead reliable the entire trip – not bad for a 20-year old British overland vehicle!

Published on behalf of Aaron Lang who is a upcoming overland explorer based in Ontario, Canada.

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