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March 12th, 2016

Hyde Designs, is a small shop with a bunch of friends willing to build beautiful motorcycles, keeping craft and attention to detail in mind. They believe in making something new, not with a hope to impress anyone but to make themselves proud. And that’s exactly what adds uniqueness to Hyde Designs’ projects. Octavia from Hyde Designs, their first, is one such project that is a result of everything said above. Hyde Designs chose a BMW G650 X for its reliable 650 Rotax engine, beautiful open swingarm and main structural frame.

BMW G650 Cafe Racer- Octavia from Hyde Designs

For the Octavia from Hyde Designs, a BMW G650 was used, a 2mm steel square bar was selected for the subframe to mount the custom steel fuel which was welded by Zane from weldmate. Then the fibreglass tail with Epoxy lens at the rear complemented the 18” Suzuki rim. In the mid-section, a Showa mono-shock accompanied the exhaust from Stealth Pipes. A smaller radiator from BMW K1200 was fit into a fibreglass radiator box. With clip-ons in the front, Octavia from Hyde Designs boasts a speedometer from SpeedoHut, USA, with original Yamaha R1 springs in front forks machined by Gerhard at Racebox and 17” Suzuki rim below that. While Max Inc. took care of the grips and the mirrors, the leatherwork was done by Deon at Leatherman D.

For more on the Octavia BMW G650 from Hyde Designs | Website | Facebook | Instagram

BMW G650 Cafe Racer from Hyde Designs
BMW G650 Cafe Racer- Octavia from Hyde Designs BMW G650 Cafe Racer- Octavia from Hyde Designs

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