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November 9th, 2016

Omalogato Hesketh Racing Chrono Is A Perfect Throwback To 70s Formula 1 Extravagance

Hesketh Racing and their star of the show James Hunt were the mascots of champagne-fuelled pit lanes, playboy-ism and championing in living the grand life as it came one day at a time. While shortlived, the legacy of their particular brand in Formula 1 is a unique one. This one team that had an approach that laughed at convention in the most flamboyant way possible, scored a Formula 1 championship in 1975. If it was still the 1970s, the Omalogato Hesketh Racing Chrono would have surely been the timepiece of choice for Lord Hesketh and his maverick driver James Hunt.

Hesketh Racing F1 Car

The Hesketh 308 that James Hunt drove to victory in 1975

A perfect watch for all those times when bickering about fast cars over a pint of beer with your mates, the Omalogato Hesketh Racing Chrono is a perfect throwback to the extravagant lifestyle of the 70s with its playful Hesketh logo depicting the shenanigans of the era. The 45.5mm diameter watch is made in stainless steel and features a Chronograph Miyota OS20 movement that is water resistant for upto 10m. To buy, you can go here.

Omalogato Hesketh Racing Chrono

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