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Tifosi in Italian means fans, especially the followers of a sport. This applies perfectly to Omologato’s latest watch, the TIFOSI which pays homage to the most iconic names in motorsports that have amassed a large fan following over the decades. The Omologato #TIFOSI is a new, affordable and durable timepiece that is designed to be used on the daily or on special sporting occasions such as a track day outing with mates.

The #TIFOSI is constructed within the bounds of a 40mm handmade stainless steel case that is covered in flat mineral glass, where the seconds hand cleverly incorporates the Omologato logo. The watch is available in three dial colour options that range from white, grey and sold matt black. The watch comes in five designs – Stuttgart, Hethel, R, Weissach and Fiorano… each celebrating a famous name in motorsport heritage. Powered by a Japanese Quartz movement, TIFOSI ensuring accurate timekeeping. Each Omologato TIFOSI model comes with a variety of double-layered nylon NATO straps to choose from, with each emulating the racing liveries of the cars used in racing by Porsche, Ferrari and Lotus.

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