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May 19th, 2017

The OMP 1970 Classic race suit takes inspiration from the 70s style of racing and resembles the iconic Gulf Racing suit donned by none other than the ultimate ‘King of Cool’ – Steve McQueen in his 1971 film – Le Mans. The suit has a highly durable fire-retardant fiber (Nomex) layer on the outside which provides adequate fire protection to the driver in case of an accident. Carefully crafted with adherence to FIA regulations (FIA 8856-2000), the inner layer of the suit has a comfortable breathable fabric which provides sufficient ventilation to the driver.

The OMP 1970 Classic race suit is available in two colours – cream with light blue and orange vertical stripes or navy blue with orange and cream vertical stripes and it comes with its own stylish OMP travel suit bag to carry it around like a boss! To know more about the suit, click here.

Image source – OMP

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