July 30th, 2016

In 2013, Lotus engineering showcased a concept of what they could do if given a choice to make motorcycles. Not known for associating themselves with anything two-wheels previously, the Lotus C 01 was a first that came to life from a series of collaborations. Designed by Daniel Simon, the man behind the design of the “Tron” lightcycle from the film of the same name as well as being associated with designs for companies like Seat and Bugatti the C 01 was co-developed by Kalex (the same blokes who also run the Moto2 team).

Lotus C 01 Concept Motorcycle

While the original 3D model featured a carbon fibre monocoque, it was substituted by a more practical trellis frame. The rest of the motorcycle remains as per original specification thought. The swingarm is made from aluminium casting that is strong enough to handle the power that comes from the 1195 cc KTM V-twin lifted directly from the KTM RC8 superbike. According to the original plans, the motorcycle was pegged to deliver 200 bhp, but once again, practically the 175 bhp from the KTM engine seemed to be enough. Since most of these changes are on the inside, the Lotus C 01 looks pretty similar to what it was originally imagined by computer design.

Lotus C 01 Concept Motorcycle Left Rear Quarters

This motorcycle here is believed to be the only example that was sold in the United States, and it has just been announced for re-sale at the Monterey auction via Meccum that will be held between August 18 – 20. Before you get all excited about breaking out the piggybank for this one, be warned as one-offs aren’t exactly cheap. The Lotus C 01 is expected to be sold between $370,000 – $450,000 which means that instead of the piggybank, its a real bank that you might want to break into.

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