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January 19th, 2016

Land Rover, a British brand which now in-turn (and proudly) is owned by an Indian giant Tata Motors, specialises in 4 x 4 wheel drive models. After being bought by various brands in the past like the Rover Company, Rover Triumph, Leyland Corporation, BMW and Ford Motor Company also; Land Rover is said that Jeep and its prototype was the inspiration behind this big brand. Also, ‘Series’ which encompasses l, ll and lll which are range of US-built Willys Jeep inspired off-roading vehicles have been a crucial, peak part of the brand since its development time from 1948 to 1985.

That brings us to the main point, the Land Rover’s advert in the later part of the era, 1995. This filled everyone’s heart out, showering some new thoughts in media’s mind too. With so many ads coming up, of SUVs, Cross-Overs, etc. shown swimming through water, switching from dirt to tarmac and back, wasn’t today’s newly-invented trend, but imagination born back in the time. One of the main highlights of this ad was focused on the outstanding combination of Rover’s low end torque managed by the engine, the traction by the wheels and the winch and of course the driving skills which we’d like to mention. While the engine pushes the vehicle with its perfect torque, the winch manages to bolt the vehicle to the dam, and so on.

Watch it here:

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