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April 22nd, 2016

Among the history of supercars, the Porsche 959 has to be one of the monumental products that changed the way the world perceived the notion of a car. It came into being in the mid 80’s when the war of the supercars was waging at an intense pace.  The Porsche 959 managed to become probably the most iconic of the then crop of supercars on the basis of its technological excellence and that of excess that captivated the world. Now, in a small town of Northen Italy, a one-off Porsche 959 Convertible hs been listed for sale and we believe it is among the nicest things on four wheels there could ever be.

One-off Porsche 959 Convertible

The Porsche 959 was an ultimate icon of its time,mainly because when it was launched it became the worlds fastest street legal car which could reach up to a top speed of 314kmph, and it had to be since the 959 was essentially a road legal version of the Group B Rally Car by Porsche which as per FIM regulation had to have a production run of at least 200 units to qualify for racing. Surpassing the sheer drool and desire value of the Porsche 959 which was hailed as the most technologically advanced supercar ever built and was a forerunner of all the future supercars, was always a dream too big for what could be more than a 959? But yes there is an answer, a One-off Porsche 959 Convertible.

This only piece of a kind is dressed in white and has just been listed in the market of a small Northern Italian town near Venice. As per a listing at Classic Trader, this car is available at ADR Motorsport which is a firm that exclusively deals in Porsches only. However, no asking price has been mentioned as of now, but it would be safe to say that this One-Off Porsche 959 Convertible ill call for big money since a lot non-modified Porsche 959’s have recently got major trade money.

One-off Porsche 959 Convertible Back View

The legend says, this car originated as a regular hard top Porsche 959 and was delivered brand new to Jürgen Lässig, German race car driver who raced the iconic drove Porsche 956s and 962Cs in the World Sportscar Championship in the 1980s and early 1990s. Lässig on one fine day was going in this 959 at the German Autobahn with speeds reaching u to 140mph when suddenly an Audi pulled up in front of him causing a nasty crash that saw the car land on its roof and the car was deemed a total loss.

One-off Porsche 959 Convertible 1988 Jurgen Lassig Crash

However, instead of being sent to the terrible fate of going to a crushing machine, this shattered Porsche was snatched up by a customizing firm. This firm took inspiration from the first ever factory Porsche 911 convertible, which was just a few years older at that time, and chopped off the 959’s roof adding to it what is said to be a largely unmodified 911 top and mechanism to crate this One-off Porsche 959 Convertible.

One-off Porsche 959 Convertible Front View

Even though there was now a soft convertible added to this one-off Porsche 959 Convertible, the firm that restored it kept the metal top along with its original built in sunroof to retain the car as a hard top for the colder seasons. However, the hard top was stored in a rather coffin like wooden box. This listed one-off Porsche 959 Convertible shows just 8,100 kilometers on its console and is finished in white over blue making it a proper 1980’s icon.

One-off Porsche 959 Convertible Interior

In case you have got a cheque book that begs to be used, you can head to the Classic Trader website for more details.

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