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February 16th, 2016

We bring you the details of a concept called Onirika 2853 which was revealed by Motul, a French company which creates, develops and distributes lubricants for engines of various vehicles. The Onirika 2853 was created by Luca Pozzato at the Officine GP Design which is based in Italy. ‘Onirika’, according to Motul means ‘dreams’, while the numeric in the name ‘2853’ represents the history and future of Motul, projected over 1000 years since the company’s inception in 1853. Officine GP Design claims to be a small independent workshop, which primarily specialises in customising motorcycles that come as peculiar demands from enthusiasts. The workshop provides plug-in kits for Japanese motorcycles like Suzuki, but prefer an Italian machine as their choice for customisation.

Onirika 2835 Brutale by Officine GPDesign

Under the raw machine that we see here in photos, there sits an MV Agusta Brutale 800. One of those few things you might notice are all references to Motul’s universe, like the gear shaped fuel cap, the mechanical parts graphic right from the tank-to-tail, which is all done up using ‘Cubicatura’ technology. After which comes the bronze-coloured highlights with cast-iron grey colour on the bike which appeals the overall look of the bike.

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Onirika 2835 Brutale by Officine GPDesign Onirika 2835 Brutale by Officine GPDesign Onirika 2835 Brutale by Officine GPDesign Onirika 2835


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