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August 13th, 2016

The Portuguese custom motorcycle builder, Capelo’s Garage has been designing and illustrating motorcycles for some time now. The founder, Nuno Capelo has done Masters in Architecture and had been quite successful in the architecture business as well. He started making custom motorcycles at a much later stage, but was always passionate about drawing and two wheels in general. Capelo uses a base digital image as a guideline for the build, reducing time and expenses in the process. Thus, his builds consist of a well thought design and planning. Such finesse could only come from the mind of an architect who understands symmetry and proportions well. For this build, the Lisbon-based builder chose a 1987 Cagiva Alazurra (Ducati Pantah sibling from Cagiva), and set about streamlining to create a minimal-retro-modern café racer.

Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage Side view

Capelo’s Garage consists of himself and a team of highly motivated and talented Portuguese craftsmen. Famous names from the region’s custom scene like Leonel Ribeiro and Ricardo Santos from Elemental Rides among others partook in Capello’s project. Ribeiro took charge of all the mechanical work for the build, while Santos, a known whiz with electricals took over the wiring components. Capello himself didn’t actually handle any tool for the Pantah 350 build but was involved in overlooking developments at every stage. As soon as the 1987 Alazurra arrived at their garage, he knew what had to be done with the bike’s design. Everything on the bike was recycled except for the engine, frame, and the fuel tank to create a minimalist design that beautifully showcases the mechanical bits. The engine underwent overhaul which saw anything that had wear replaced. The team also vapour blasted and painted the engine components excluding cases, barrels, heads, etc.

Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage Logo on Engine

The team wanted this Pantah 350 build to have the lowest possible weight to make the 350cc engine performance shine. The fairing that you see here was an existing unit that was sliced, spliced and streamlined as per Capelo’s drawings. Interestingly, the lower half of this slim, aerodynamic fairing sweeps underneath the tank. The tank though was from the donor bike, was heavily modified to look this stunning as in the picture below. The whole rear section of the bike was cut, redesigned and welded back, after which the assembly was sand-blasted. Among the most interesting elements of this Pantah 350 build is the seat and tail unit. It has been made out of ABS plastic with the help of a 3D printer.

Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage Rear Three Quarter

The printed unit was in a 1:1 scale, it was then replicated into a steel body. Capelo chose steel instead of popular aluminium in order to get a single piece, uni-body construction. Furthermore, the fuel tank flawlessly blends in the base of the seat. The tail unit is completed with incorporation of a LED stoplight. However, the most striking element of the rear has to be the tiny winglets that mask the rear suspension mounts. The seat has race foam pads stuck to a brushed aluminium sheet instead of being directly attached to the base. The Pantah 350 Build gets 17’ supermoto front wheel while the hub is from Yamaha Super Tenere and machined spacers. The R1 forks have been reworked and look stunning on the Pantah 350 build and the rear gets Showa units.

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Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage Stoplight

The tail unit contains the lithium battery and bulk of the wiring giving the Pantah 350 build a clean feel. The Pantah 350 build also enlists a Motogadget speedo for duty while having RFID Keyless Ignition. All this and more combined make this Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage is a Masterpiece of simple, clean lines. We love it. Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage Carburettor

Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage Fairing

Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage Front Three Quarter

Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage Front

Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage Handlebar

Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage Rear

Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage Seat

Pantah 350 Build by Capelo’s Garage

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