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February 1st, 2019

In the world of Ducati custom motorcycles, it’s hard to find someone as experienced and talented as Spain’s Pepo Rosell. The man who started Radical Ducati, where he gave ordinary everyday Ducati road bikes a mean racer-like facelift, before moving to establish XTR Pepo after more than a decade of creating Radical Ducati machines. Today however, some of the best Ducati custom builds in the world come from Spain, from Pepo’s workshop, and this here is yet another masterpiece from the Madrid-based custom motorcycle builder.

This is Pantah, a custom build based on a 2016 Ducati Monster 821 designed by Alberto Caimi has been stripped down to its parts before getting rebuilt as per XTR’s guidelines of awesomeness. Just like every other build coming out of the Spanish workshop, the Pantah too features a slew of XTR’s custom in-house upgrades combined with lots of aftermarket parts sourced from some of the best motorcycle part suppliers in Europe. XTR have build the mud guard, clip-ons, front bracket, CNC-machined clutch and brake levers, front fairing, front and rear lights, fuel tank, windshield, solo seat and rear subframe for the custom Ducati in-house, while collaborating with Spark for the exhaust, CNC Racing for brake rotors, Carbon4us for carbon fibre parts, Numaticos Richard for the tyres, RC Radiators for the hand-made water cooling radiator, Transmission GP for battery, DNA for the performance air filter, and lastly Pintumoto for the incredible paint scheme. Photos by Sergio Cardeña

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