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M Staff


March 16th, 2017

These cars definitely need a bigger road.

No road could do justice to the abilities of these supercars, hell ! In fact, it should be a crime to drive supercars on clogged, congested roads where all that’s heating up is the engine along with a very expensive clutch. Instead, supercars belong on open, winding roads and occasionally on racetracks. With that settled, you can imagine that the twisty roads of the Furkapass in the Swiss Alps would be one of the ideal mountain roads to have a lovely supercar road trip. While that might be the case for some days (guessing mid-week), it certainly doesn’t look like it was this particular day when the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 decided to head out for a lovely sunny drive up the Swiss mountain pass.

The traffic the McLaren P1 driver, NIKK8706 and his mate in the Ferrari LaFerrari encounters are a herd of slow moving sedans and hatchbacks, along with what appears to be a classic car rally in progression. The guys still manage to squeeze out a few fast moments, which, as you’d imagine, doesn’t take long when the car you drive hits 60mph in less than 3-seconds.

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