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April 21st, 2017

Dreams, they do have a habit of coming true in their own ways. For every petrolhead that ever existed, there has forever been an inseparable urge to keep their machines close to them in their homes. Porsche seems to understand this too and have finally taken up on them to give the world residential ideas of the petrolhead kind. In what is the first ever Porsche Design skyscraper, the project is developed in collaboration with Dezer Development firm which is based out of Florida and New York. Named the Porsche Design Tower Miami, the project is an inspiring take on how premium luxury residential should be designed.Porsche Design Tower Miami 2In truly a class of its own, just like the Porsche cars through history, the Porsche Design Tower Miami is located in Sunny Isles Beach. The almost 200-meter high building divided into 60 floors having 132 residential units is a landmark design and construction in lifestyle segment. The milestone is said to be based on the same principles that Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche followed in 1972. The project is Porsche’s first ever endeavour into the world of residential real estate and is a showcase of Porsche designs unmistakable architectural and engineering capabilities, a thorough masterpiece.Porsche Design Tower Miami 1The design of the Porsche Design Tower Miami follows the much revered and successful Porsche hallmark of functional design, technical innovation, forward-thinking and iconic style. Understandably, the exterior of the tower is both contemporary and exquisite while on the inside it utilizes the now patented and revolutionary elevator lift system for automobiles within the core design of the project. It is called “the Dezervator” and this robotic parking garage offers as many as 284 parking spaces to its 132 units. Moreover, this marvellous system enables the owners to park multiple cars right outside their unit. Porsche Design Tower Miami 5This unusual and innovative design provides access to drivers to simply drive up the elevator in their cars and get transported to their individual unit and park into their own “garage” adjacent to their unit. To take cars to their units, the Porsche Design Tower Miami uses three elevators. The construction is expected to cost anywhere around $560 million to build while the prices of residential units are said to be in the price range of $4 million to $32.5 million and are spread across the areas of 390 – 1.579 sq m.Porsche Design Tower Miami (4)Porsche Design has made sure that the cars remain at the centre stage of the whole exercise by ensuring the highest level of security and privacy in which the cars will act as keys to the apartments. Every residential separates itself with the living area by a large glass wall. These are called “Sky Garages” and can park anywhere between two to four cars. Along with this brilliant garage design, every apartment of the Porsche Design Tower Miami also has a pool and an outdoor kitchen on the balcony as standard.Porsche Design Tower Miami 6The Porsche Design Tower Miami will be offering a number of other high-end services to the residents such as vehicle-concierge who would be responsible for maintenance and valeting, spa and fitness centre with integrated beauty salon, yoga and massage rooms and an outdoor heated pool. There will also be a private restaurant with individual, chilled wine lockers and an outdoor lounge facing the ocean at the Porsche Design Tower Miami.

For everyone who ever said a perfect house can never exist, Porsche just proved that it can, just like they did with the perfect supercar all those years ago and continue to do so.

Image source – Porsche Design

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