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October 6th, 2017

The idea behind the incredibly detailed toys created by Playforever is simple – make products that transcend generations without losing their original fit and finish. The London-based company’s inspiration comes due to its founder┬áJulian Meagher, who has been fascinated with classic tin cars and cigar racers of the early 1930s. This combined with his unbridled focus on design and detail created Playforever. The company builds toys in such a way that their lustre never fades, presenting the owner with a timeless product that they can pass from one generation to the other. These toys are created from the highest quality materials and use child-friendly parts. The paint used in their toys is UV-resistant which means that all of their products would retain their original finish long after they have been taken out of their boxes.

The CNC 101 Modena Grand Prix is the brand’s flagship product which is the more advanced, highly finished version of their first car model, the Bruno racing car. The Modena is CNC-machined from a single piece of ABS material before being sanded and hand polished by hand to the best possible finish before it is given a coat of the highest quality UV-resistant paint. The particular model is all about luxury and excess, unlike the rest of the much more reasonably-priced cars and motorcycles in their range.

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