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March 31st, 2016

Automobile manufacturers go to the edges of the world to get our attentions with advertising. Low interest rates, easy finance and the works are generally what pop up when we try to watch a simple YouTube video, the annoyances are endless. While most advertising agencies do pitch manufacturers the most creative ways to showcase their brands, the campaign generally ends up getting diluted due to the manufacturer’s marketing team directing the efforts to create more sales. But every now and then, some auto makers listen to their advertising agencies and deliver a thought campaign that titillates, not for sales, but for bringing something interesting and entertaining that is worth a watch for the viewer.

Porsche has recently showed their creative side by brining a unique spin to advertising. To showcase the new 911, the company has brought forth “the world’s first interactive hologram print ad”. It is a print ad that is included in 50,000 copies of Fast Company magazine, that includes a prism that one can assemble. Once done, the prism can be placed on top of a tablet to watch a special video on the company’s website, creating a hologram that showcases the new Porsche 911 in all its glory.

Via AdWeek

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