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March 17th, 2017

In the book Porsche 912: 50 years author Jurgen Lewandowski writes about the car that would change the company’s history for ever. It had come to replace the 356 C and SC as a mid-priced sports car that could be accessible to a larger audience. The result was a flat-4, low weight, low drag machine that outsold the 911 by huge numbers. But what’s more important is that it became the breadwinner for the German manufacturer until the 911 became successful. The Porsche 912 back in the mid-60s played a pivotal role in Porsche’s success story, and deserves a rightful homage for what we know and love the company today for.

Porsche 912

Porsche 912: 50 years delves behind the development and the production of the car, about the people responsible for making it a reality as well as the evolution of the machine over four years of manufacture. A lot of technical information has been shared by the author about the 912 along with many lesser known facts.  It also contains many wonderful and rare photographs of Porsche’s famous sports prototype racer.

Apart from the Porsche 912 the book also gives you an idea of the Porsche 912 Targa, the 912 E that was built specifically for the US Market, of which only 2099 examples exist today.


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