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January 5th, 2016

Ever wondered what goes inside a 3.2 litre Porsche engine? Well, here’s a video which will run your blood to the top of the adrenaline meter. Not only that, but we are quite sure that adrenaline rush out of this video might smother the curiosity of every Porsche fan, even an engineer for that matter after watching the master four stroke engine undress itself. These engines were used during the mid ‘80s epoch; even in the Porsche Carrera series which was a boom for the German marquee.

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The video which starts off with a disassembly of 3+3 spark plugs carries out the same further with the fuel lines. Then comes (actually goes off) the manifold which takes all the heat and the exhaust gases off, post every power stroke thumped by those six pistons. Furthermore, the tappet covers, the engine head come off to give you an idea how those 3 pistons from one bank used to punch the power out. Wow! Just Wow!

You have to click on that play button to witness how some kickass animation has been used in a subtle and innovative way. Implausibly, even the disassembly of the engine has been put through in such an engrossing way that you’ll fall in love with even the disassembly, like the way you did with an assembled one with its sound and performance.

All-in-all, you’ve got 2:55 secs with you to watch Porsche’s years’ long sweat and blood behind this resultant engine. Trust us, it’s worth it!

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