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April 8th, 2017

Now Porsche Design Sport and Adidas come together to bring the Porsche Design OT Backpack. The Porsche backpack can carry luggage with less stress on the back as the weight is distributed equally with the help of a cushioned shoulder and a chest strap. The Porsche Design Backpack has water-resistant fabric to protect the luggage inside during wet conditions; even the zip pocket to store one’s laptop is protected from water seepage. In addition, an external zip pocket has been provided for sunglasses which is equipped with soft Linierung.

The Porsche Design OT Backpack comes with reflective trim accents that are provided for the mesh pockets. Made out of 100% polyester, the Porsche Design backpack can be used for office, casual or college purposes. Interestingly, the backpack looks quite similar to the Porsche Carrera GT, the rear spoiler of the car has been very well replicated in the Porsche Design OT Backpack as carrying loop. Priced at €219.95 ($233), this backpack is a must-have for the Porsche fan in you.

To know more about the Porsche Design OT Backpack, click here.

Porsche Design OT Backpack

Porsche Design OT Backpack

Porsche Design Backpack Porsche Design Backpack Porsche Design OT Backpack Open Porsche Design OT Backpack Closeup

Image source – Porsche Design

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