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September 16th, 2016

For all your Porsche emojis needs

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past one month, chances are that you’ve been caught up in the the now iPhone 7 hype if you want it or now. Along with the launch of the new iPhone, apple has also introduced iOS10, the latest installation of their phone operating system that features some flashy new updates to the platform’s iMessage App. The company’s messaging platform is now open to all sort of creative folks to get their own content on it, and with it has come these brilliant Porsche emojis all ready to be “emojify” your conversations.

Porsche Emojis iPhone iOS 10

“Automoji” is a new iMessage emoji pack that exclusively features Porsche emojis and is designed by well-known emoji designer Kevin McCauley. This Porsche emoji pack started off as an illustration for some of the common Porsche models like the 911, but then Kevin took it a step further and went all the way. Now, one can find amazingly detailed emojis of Porsche specials, such as their Le Mans prototypes. There’s even an emoji for the RUF Porsche. Kevin plans to increase the Porsche emojis even more and promises that more cars would be included in the next version of this iMessage add-on for Apple’s iOS 10.

The “Automoji” Porsche emoji pack is available for download exclusively for the iMessage App Store on iOS10 for $.99, which sounds quite reasonable for Porsche enthusiasts to emojify their flat-six lifestyle.

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