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August 16th, 2016

When you are someone who loves the experience of driving and find yourself surrounded by a group of Porsche enthusiasts, what do you do ? The most logical thing here would be to get as far away from the busy city streets and head out for the best driving roads that you can find. That’s exactly what the guys at Curves Magazine did. Finding themselves surrounded by 9 Porsche enthusiasts, the team decided to head out into the Alps to drive on some of the best mountain passes in the world.

Starting their journey from Timmelsjoch, the convoy of Porsches old and new head up into the Alps. The group embark on an epic 2,000km journey that takes them over twenty mountain passes including San Bernardino, Grimsel and the mightly Furka pass before they wrap up on the other side at Sustenpass.

Via Curves Magazine on Youtube.

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