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April 18th, 2017

Tuners like AMG, RUF, Alpina and Abarth are almost a household name for petrolheads around the world. So when you say the name TechArt, it doesn’t really spring to mind a tuning company specialising in Porsche. In fact, you will be surprised at the brilliance of the work done by TechArt when to take a closer look at their creations and you really begin to question how something so spectacular could slip by your radar. Its always a tricky thing with Tuners, they need to have a balance between making a bold statement and not overdo things which could result in references like “Rice”, “Poser” and “outright Gawdy”

TechArt was founded in the year 1987 in Leonberg Germany by Thomas Behringer. The first major recognition for TechArt came in the year 2008 at the Tuner Grand Prix, when their Porsche 997 GT2 posted the fastest time beating out favourites Cargraphic, who had been winning for the 3 consecutive years up till then.

This winning feat put TechArt as one of the best Tuner in Europe. They topped this feat in 2009 when they took their TechArt GT Street RS which was based on the Porsche 911 GT2 997 and lapped the Sachsenring circuit in a record time of 1;31.94 which is considered the fastest ever time by a Porsche in the Auto Bild Sportscar Ranking.

So the company has since been more than successful in proving itself against all the other major tuners and earning itself a niche in the Tuning World. In what can be considered as a tribute to this very inconspicuous yet highly successful tuner, we take a look at some of their defining moments.

When the company started out as a tuning house, they included Lamborghini and Mercedes along with Porsches to provide more overall coverage. TechArt’s first appearance in an auto show was in the year 1991 at the Frankfurt Auto Show where they displayed two Porsche 911 turbos in red and black, flanked by the founders of the company Thomas Behringer and Matthias Krauß.

When the company started out they specialised in doing high-quality interiors for various car brands that had high-detail hand made craftsmanship, but later moved on to vehicular design, aerodynamics and engine construction. The company further went on to specialise in Porsches as they started receiving increased reception from customers. This is what the company calls a full refinement of the Porsche factory cars. As their impeccable work with the German sportscar brand continued, they steadily built their workforce with the increasing demand from customers and growing global recognition. Today, TechArt stands for outstanding design, highest development competence and OEM level of manufacturing quality. Few of the iconic builds by the formidable tuning house of TechArt are as follows:

1995 – 911 Carerra 993 SuperchargedTechArt Porsche 911 30years of Anniversary 7The 911 Carrera 993 was a great chassis to begin with and wrapped in the nostalgic 993 body shape, the car had nothing it fell short of, so to better it required quite a feat and TechArt delivered in style with the supercharged Porsche Carrera 993 which pumped out 462BHP which was a staggering improvement over the stock 280bhp of the stock Carrera, did someone say TechArt only did widebody kits ?!, if they did this will be a rude awakening !

2001- 911 Turbo 996TechArt Porsche 911 30years of Anniversary 8
Well 600BHP in today’s world doesn’t seem groundbreaking, but when you take into account the year 2001 where cars like Aston Martin Vanquish and Lamborghini Murcielago, which were considered the fastest cars then boasted of a lot less power than this mammoth creation from TechArt, you begin to see the sheer engine tuning expertise of the company and Performance to match the Looks!

2005 – PolizeiTechArt Porsche 911 30years of Anniversary 9
It never hurts to have yourself in the cops good books! As a tuning company, the only way of achieving this is to build a tribute car for the cops… In what was a confidence gaining PR stunt, the company created a 997 Carrera S with police Livery as a means of promoting safe tuning, Ironically enough it didn’t make much sense in marketing terms but hey what’s cooler than a tuned 997 Carrera S cop car, now that’s one cop car I don’t mind riding in! 

2007 – Green GT2 for the Green Hell TechArt Porsche 911 30years of Anniversary 10TechArt decided to take on the Porsche factory team in building their version of the Porsche 997 GT2, and it proved its might when the Green GT2 rocketed through the green hell in a staggering 7min 39 seconds, a whole 13 seconds faster than the Factory GT2, well that’s a formidable win for TechArt. Well, the 650HP and 225MPH top speed might have a tiny bit in delivering the formidable win.

2015 – The 918 KillerTechArt Porsche 911 30years of Anniversary 11
TechArt upped the ante by taking on factory Porsche 918 with their version 911 Turbo S. The TechArt Turbo S lapped the 2.3mile Sachsenring in Saxony in 1:31.12, just fractionally slower than the Porsche’s hybrid hypercar. Talk about punching above your weight class !

TechArt has seen a very steady progress in the last 30-years since the company was formed, the growing recognition and steady sales have seen the company invest more in research and development and build more formidable cars to be enjoyed by petrolheads.

The company now boasts a sales network in more than 30 countries across the globe, as it stands today as being a premium Porsche tuning brand; with over 75 qualified workers building cars at their headquarters in Leonberg, Germany. The company today does extensive work in aerodynamics, exterior design, production of in-house carbon fibre components and interior refinement, this is nothing short of a one stop shop for every Porsche enthusiast looking to kick his Porsche’s performance up a notch while giving it a facelift for a distinct appeal.

Whatever one plans to do with their tuned TechArt Porsche, the end result would be something that has the potential to put hypercars to shame.

Image source – TechArt

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