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March 31st, 2016

No matter how much the love for old engineering remains, evolution pushes in a direction where newer technologies need to be addressed and incorporated. Those who don’t, in most cases, meet with an unfortunate fate failing to climb the ladder of evolution. That being said, the Porsche, with the 911 is one automaker infamous for being stuck with their ritual practices. The engine hanging at the far end of the rear axle, the distinctive body shape that has hardly changed over the last 50 years is just and indication that Porsche hates change.

But on the inside, it’s a whole different story. Since the very first Porsche 911 that came out in 1956, the company has been on a constant push to develop and adopt newer ways to make the car a more involving and a better driving experience. The Porsche Mission E concept that was recently showcased is a fine example of this thinking. A first for the Stuttgart based company, the Porsche Mission E combines all the great bits of the Porsche DNA while bringing in the electricity into the equation. The car shows a promising future of electric supercars with over 600bhp power and 500km driving range. It even features a charging system that will get the batteries up to 80% capacity in around 15 mins, greatly reducing the biggest annoyances of electric vehicles.

Porsche Mission E Front

But where Porsche excels is what they love doing best, ignoring changing trends. For the Porsche Mission E, Porsche designers went to their drawing boards with images of classic Porsches in mind. The reduced sculpting of the front end is a clear inspiration from classic Porsche racing cars from previous decades, flat and low to the ground. It is the bridge between modern design and retro 911 character that flows from the front, carried on to by the iconic sloping roof design towards the rear. If the Porsche Mission E is imagined without its flared front fender and the rounded tail section, there is a 911 hidden underneath the new body. If for an instance, you forget the technology that the Mission E packs in, the matrix LED headlights, the OLED instrument cluster, the eye-tracking system and the holographic displays, it is innately the embodiment of their core values that sit atop a modernised car design that is ready to take on the future.

Porsche Mission E Left Side Rear Quarters Porsche Mission E Rear

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