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August 27th, 2017

After spending a good few hours at the Concorso, I decided it was about time for a quick trip over to the Mecum Auction. Mecum has been getting increasingly eclectic, once mostly focused on American steel (and occasional American fibreglass). The Auction site did not disappoint as there were wonders from all over the world.

This was toward the end of the sessions for Mecum, a few cars had already been sold or moved, but it still was worth the time. Two Porsche 935 Kremer K3s, a silver Ferrari 512BB, and a super rare George Barris Bugazzi. I love the hustle of the show, the energy and pace of the selling floor. I had a little daydream about how one day I’ll be making that winning bid on the BB512, or that crazy orange BMW M1.

Enjoy the rest of the gallery and follow ColumnM for more articles from Car Week in Monterey.

Kremer 935 K3

There’s a 911 in there somewhere… Kremer 935 K3.


One day she will be mine. Ferrari 512 BB.

Ford GT

Super clean Ford GT.

The Barris built Bugazzi

The Barris built Bugazzi.


Perfect condition M1.

Koenigsegg with silver carbon weaving.

Porsche 935 behind the ropes.

A mean Mercedes McLaren SLR with a custom aero kit.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super smash. All parts were included…

More Kremer Porsche.

Mercedes-Benz 190E, very nice to see one again!

Black niner.

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