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April 14th, 2016

Here’s A Pristine Land Rover Pickup Series For Sale

What if you could pause time? What would you do if you were to witness a pristine Land Rover Series 3 Pick Up Truck parked in a corner of a basement? If you are anything like us, you would want to have that power that could halt the endless race of time, even if just for a few moments and stand looking in awe at one of the most beautiful cars ever designed and marvel upon every inch of detail the iconic Land Rover Series 3 had in bucket loads.

Land Rover Series 3 Front

It is hard to phrase the incredible effect classic cars have on us but looking at these gorgeous photos by the talented people at Cool and Vintage we cannot stop to imagine being in this retro classic Land Rover pickup series that’s also for sale. It can’t get any cooler than that and this art of making the true coolness quotient shine out of a classic car is what Cool & Vintage, a Lisbon based classic car dealership is perfect at.

Land Rover Series 3 Side View

Here in these pictures the way these blokes have captured the essence of timeless beauty that the Land Rover Series for sale, that subtle yet a blissfully enigmatic clean basement adorned by a pristine Land Rover Defender, shining and striking a pose as to say that time is just a number it doesn’t worry about.

Land Rover Series 3 Gear Lever

Making something as usual and as routine as a car parked in a corner of an office basement and taking that to a level of such detailed glory is something that creates a pause in a moment in time and fills it with art, old world charm and an essence of freedom is worth appreciating and asking yourself, what if you could pause time?

Land Rover Series 3

For more such gorgeous interpretation of classic cars and how they make such strong appeal even in these times, head over to Cool & Vintage’s website and while you are at it, connect with them on Facebook and Vimeo too.

Land Rover Series 3 Switchgear

Land Rover Series 3 Rear Three Quarter

Land Rover Serie 3 Underbody

Land Rover Series 3 Front Three Quarter

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