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on October 19th, 2016

Project 1408 Could Be Ducati’s Very Exotic, Lightweight 1299 Superleggera

Ducati has recently started teasing something via its unique “Project 1408” branded microsite which can only be accessed by a few select customers who have been sent login information by Ducati. This level of secrecy from the Italian brand would mean that a very special, limited-edition project could be on its way, something that most people like many Italian, would be so rare that many won’t even get to see in a lifetime. The lightest of all version of the 1299 Panigale… the 1299 Superleggera.

According to some photos that were posted on Motofire, one of Ducati’s special project invitees received some documentation as well as an invitation to an “extraordinary project”, that while does not disclose the motorcycle fully, showcases parts of the motorcycle such as the frame and swingarm and a few other parts… all in carbon fibre.

Ducati 1299 Panigale Right Sid eProfile

The 1299 Superleggera would receive a carbon fibre frame and swingarm that could reduce overall weight by 38%

Looking at the photos of the carbon fibre frame and chassis, it is clear that the motorcycle that is involved in Project 1408 bears a similar frame to the current 1299 Panigale, but in carbon fibre which is similar to the one thats found on MotoGP motorcycles. What this could possibly be hinting towards is a 1299 Ducati Superleggera that would be the the most ultimately lightened Ducati superbike till date. If so, the motorcycle would have more parts, such as the wheels and subframe in carbon fibre while also ditching the electronic semi-active suspensions that come on the 1299 Panigale and Panigale S for lighter top-end Ohlins. There could also be a lightweight Akrapovic exhaust system made entirely out of titanium with one end existing under the seat while the other exiting below the chassis for better weight distribution.

According to the Motofire, it is expected that the Ducati Superleggera 1299 would cost somewhere in the range of £66,000 ($81,500), a price which only a few would be able to afford, making it a very rare machine indeed. We are hoping to catch a glimpse of Ducati’s ultra-exotic machine at the 2017 EICMA motor show in Milan on November 7th.

Ducati 1299 Panigale in Photos

Update: The 1299 Ducati Superleggera Official At EICMA 2016

As expected, the Ducati 1299 Superleggera was officially announced at this year’s EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy. Ducati’s latest, most expensive, most exclusive new motorcycle has absolutely mind-blowing specs.

While the 1299 Ducati Superleggera retains the Panigale styling on the exterior, it’s what’s on the inside that takes it to a completely different realm of motorcycling. The frame now is a full carbon fibre unit with aluminium alloy inserts. The result is a machine that is 40-percent lighter than the standards 1299 Panigale at an insane 150kg dry. Thats absolutely incredible weight reduction if you consider that generally motorcycles in the 400-600 cc range generally have that sort of weight. Combine that with the 1285cc twin-cylinder Superquadro engine from the Panigale that is tweaked to produce 215bhp of power, the final power to weight ratio of the dry machine adds up to an incredible (actually insane) 1.4bhp per tonne. There need to be serious electronics to keep this monster on two wheels glued to the ground.

Speaking of which, the Ducati 1299 Superleggera features a new 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit that manages the motorcycle’s traction control, slide control, power launch (launch control) and engine brake control. Additionally, there is a quick shifter along with a newly-caliberated Bosch Cornering ABS system for more advance braking.

The 1299 Ducati Superleggera is everything that we hoped for. The limited 500-example run of the Italian motorcycle would cost an equally Italian price of £72,000 ($89,000) a pop. Sadly, even if someone has that much money to spend on a motorcycle, he won’t be able to buy it as Ducati say that all units have already been sold out.

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