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May 23rd, 2017

The Ferrari 458 has been a worthy successor to the last generation’s F430, which was a brilliant car to begin with. The 458 sports a 4.5-litre V8 with direct fuel injection pumping out 570 horses and 540Nm of torque. The brilliance of the V8 in the 458 is the fact that it redlines at a stratospheric 9000 rpm unlike the usual lazy revving characteristic of an V8 motor. And when you put two of these Ferrari 458 Challenges together tearing through a narrow twisty mountain road, it transforms into an absolute orchestra.

The sheer sound of the mighty V8 engines bouncing off the adjoining mountains will have your bloodstream charging with adrenaline. And as these two luscious red 458 Challenges climb over the mountain passes, the throaty burble on downshifts and the exhausts breathing fire is a spectacle to behold. Track racing characteristics of the Ferrari 458 Challenge are evident in its flat cornering and unperturbed demeanors as it exits out of the corners sliding and weaving but never getting to the point of no return. This video is a sure shot cure for any blues and is sure to have one’s spirits lifted.  The mechanical sounds of gears engaging, the engine screaming at 9000 rpm and the gorgeous form of these two Italian beauties will liven up even the most mundane souls.

P.S. Good headphones, with the volume turned up is the right way of enjoying this fabulous V8 orchestra.

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