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Cars, Culture

November 27th, 2017

Porsche clubs aren’t surprising at all. In every country where Stuttgart’s cars are sold with enthusiasm, one can easily spot a gathering of rear-engine driven enthusiasts lining up parking and racing circuits at least a couple of times during an year. That said, FLB the club you see here is quite special.

The FLB is one of those Porsche clubs that rather enjoy their existence and club happenings to themselves. Consisting of ex-Porsche employees and current ones, FLB is short for Freunde Luftgekühlter Boxermotoren. As their name suggests, the FLB is a collection of the purveyors of light, air-cooled Porsches with Boxer engines that have been brought to production in the last 40-years. Porsche recently brought this lesser known club together at their own playground at Weissach where some 80 odd blokes got a bury their car’s right pedal deep and let their machines sing to the rpms they are generally not used to, before heading out to the Black Forrest to continue on their club meet. Photos: Porsche

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