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May 26th, 2017

The Nurburgring has been home to some of the most exciting and outright dangerous races since it opened for the first time in 1925. As a tribute to Nurburgring where Clay Regazzioni in his Formula One Ferrari 312T clocked the fastest lap time of 7:06:4 in 1975, Autodromus has released the Quadro Green Hell Black – Nurburgring 1975 poster. The 1975 season was an unforgettable year as Niki Lauda won his first Formula One World Championship. In addition, Jackie Stewart nicknamed the Nurburgring race track as the Green Hell, a term which was coined after the incredible races and fatal accidents taking place at the 22.8km long track.

The Quadro Green Hell Black – Nurburgring 1975 poster can be ordered with or without a frame printed on a heavyweight A3 size paper. To know more click here.Quadro Green Hell Black Nurburgring 1975

Image source – Autodromus

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